Dear community, long time no see! Its never too late to announce our first Puzzle game campaign!!!

Have you heard of 3301, a letter from the dark web? Like 3301, there will be a 4-week long cracker game held by ZKCHAOS, and the rewards are not bad (we would say reasonable) on a FCFS basis.

All you need is your instincts, feelings, and basics from cryptography, psychology, behavioral science and many other tools. With that being said, as long as you are the first one there, you will be the winner. Ofc its not that hard and we will release details then.

Hopeful it won’t take much longer and everyone enjoy the game.



Dear ZKCHAOS community, sorry to have kept you waiting.

In less than a day since announced to build a community committee, we have received many proposals from the supporters. Taking the current market performance and community suggestions into considerations, we finally determined the exact date of token listing.

CHAOS token will be listed on PancakeSwap in the next Wednesday, 2PM UTC, June 23rd. Token contract address is 0xa23f73d672f2b34cb507b4a3bdca62f949769726, avoid any possible scams.

Meanwhile, ZKCHAOS Public Sales tokens on and BSC Stations will be available to claim with PancakeSwap listing. Specifically, both and BSC Stations will update CHAOS token-claim time to 2:30PM UTC, June 23rd. We really appreciate these 2 parties for their patience and understandings.

Much thanks to all the community members who accompanied us through the ups and downs, thank you!




Layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, fair game platform