Product Release | Multi-Player Game Demo Images

Even though the test net will be launched at the end of this month in line with the roadmap, we have decided to release the demo images in advance.

The trailer series will contain four tutorials:

  1. Single-Player Game & Utility NFT System

Here’s the second one — Multi-Player Game

Above all, in order to balance the fairness in multiplayer games, we removed the NFT system, which means only can you use the NFT cards in single-player game. But there are only two ways to get NFT, one is airdrop, the other is randomly dropped in multiplayer games.

When it comes to the most interesting features of multiplayer games, you should know the Host Invitation System.

We can see “Commission” on the settings page, and multiplayer games have the same handling fee rate as single-player games, but in multiplayer games, 50% of the handling fee will be rewarded to the gameowner as a commission.

In DeFi products we rarely see a commission system, which is a promotion system often used in centralized products and has very good results, because recording the invitation relationship and calculating the commission at any time will consume a lot of gas fees, which is unacceptable for DeFi products.

However, we solved this problem through the idea of the game room, so that you can earn the commission on contract. Someone asked how do we make sure that many people will play our game, and if the NFT system is not interesting enough to attract you, then commission may become a reason for your interest.

In the betting process of the game, there is not much difference between multiplayer games and single player games.

Step 1: Create or Join a Game

Before creating a game, you also need to select the token to bet, and do some basic settings.

The confirmation page is same as single-player game, but you can see the commission rate here.

Of course, we can also not create games, but join existing games. Here you can search your friend’s pub key, or directly join in a game listing on the game lobby.

Step 2: Select Lottery

In addition to the inability to use the NFT bonus card, you can see that some tickets are displayed in gray “occupied”, which means that they have been purchased by others.

And because you have multiple players playing the game at the same time, there may be a situation where someone lottery ticket has not been purchased when you were selecting the ticket, but when you confirm it, someone else successfully bought it faster. So just decide it quickly when you see that your lucky number has not been purchased.

Step 3: Draw

If you are the creator of the game, you will get your commission regardless of whether you win or lose. You can even not participate in the game betting, just choose 0 tickets and wait for the commission.

Regarding the handling fee, the same rules apply. Only the winner needs to pay a 5% handling fee of the prize pool.

Here we experienced the complete process of a multi-player game together and tried the Host Invitation System.

I hope you have fallen in love with this game?

More information will be released soon!

ZKCHAOS is a layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, and a fair game platform, which is built to enhance privacy for all kinds of cryptocurrency.

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Layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, fair game platform