Product Release | Single-Player Game Demo Images

Even though the test net will be launched at the end of this month in line with the roadmap, we have decided to release the demo images in advance.

The trailer series will contain four tutorials:

  1. Single-Player Game & Utility NFT System

Let’s begin with the first one — Single-Player Game & Utility NFT System.

Step 1: Parameter Setting

Before starting the game, you need to do some basic settings. Select which token you prefer to bet, and you can see the default option is ETH. Then Enter the total amount of lottery tickets in this single game( e.g.100 tickets in a game) and the price of each ticket( e.g.10 ETH per tickets)

After that, you can see the total bonus of this round is 950 ETH because only the winner needs to pay a 5% handling fee. And the maximum bonus is a limitation. If the total bonus you set is greater than it, the game will not start.

For easy calculation, let’s choose USDT for betting.

Step 2: Lottery Selection

At this stage, you not only need to choose one or more lottery tickets to bet on but also choose which NFT bonus cards to use. So review the utility NFT system first:

There are two types of NFT bonus cards, including double-bonus cards and insurance cards. Double-bonus cards allow you to double the bonus when you win the game, and insurance cards can pay for your lost chips when you lose the game.

You can see I am considering whether to use an insurance card for ticket 014. But to show the different situation, I decide to use a double-bonus card with a $500 limitation in the end.

Confirming the NFT card and clicking the “Next” button, then you have the final chance to reconfirm the selection.

Here you can check how much you need to pay for your lottery and what your odds are. After the final confirmation, the game will start the lottery contract and enter the last page.

Before looking at the results of the lottery, it’s necessary to add some details about the use of the NFT card:

  1. Each bonus card can only be used for one lottery ticket. When you have bet on several lottery tickets and only use the bonus card for one of the lottery tickets, the bonus effect will only be available when this lottery ticket wins. If the other lottery tickets that weren’t used with the bonus card win the prize, there will be no bonus effect. Of course, you can use lots of bonus cards for different lottery tickets in one game, so try to earn more NFT cards to help you win a BIG prize.

Step 3: Draw

Let’s assume that I didn’t win the prize this time. However, you can see I have won $10, which is the insurance compensation of №014. And if you want to know more detailed lottery data, you can search the address of the lottery contract.

Let’s assume in this draw you won the game. This is the page where the prize is won. Thanks to the №002 with a double-bonus card, finally, I won $1450 in a game!

Here we experienced the complete process of a single-player game together and tried the NFT bonus card.

I hope you have fallen in love with this game?

More information will be released soon!

ZKCHAOS is a layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, and a fair game platform, which is built to enhance privacy for all kinds of cryptocurrency.

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Layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, fair game platform