ZKCHAOS Made A Change On The Listing Date

Dear ZKCHAOS communities, it’s been weeks since ZKCHAOS TGE.

So far, the development of building ZKCHAOS game platform, growing a creative & active community, marketing and promotions are all doing good.

However, followed by the recent China Bitcoin mining and trading bans, BTC showed a downward market trend over the past week, the weak hands have been selling panicky during the market correction last night.

Though we don’t expect a crazy bull market, we wanted the market being stable and everybody back online trading cryptos. The fact is, the volume of altcoin spot market has encountered a drastic drop-off, which hugely hammered the confidence of the market.

To be very honest, we are still cautious over the next week or two, so we decided in the best interest of our investors to postpone the token listing event to July 20th, while launching the first version of ZKCHAOS on Polygon. Of course, the original IDO token claim will also be postponed to July 20th.

As we continues testing the product and the date approaches, both communities and team will act in concert building and learning.

Again, we apologize for that and appreciate your patience and understanding.




Layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, fair game platform

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Layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, fair game platform

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